Moving Sites!


Cedarville University’s chapel (post renovation). If I had to name the one thing I’d miss most about this school…that right there would be it. Amazing things happen in that place.

Anyway, I’m moving sites. For real this time.

Over the next week or so, I will be slowly moving all of these blog posts to my personal blog, Musings from a storyteller, and I will be discontinuing this site. A link to my upcoming portfolio site will also be made available on the other blog as well.

My mind is highly ambitious but also constantly changing, which makes creating sites a struggle. I’ll start one with the goal of growing it in a certain direction, learning how to better work as I go…and then that goal will change, and the purpose of the site gets reoriented, and all of a sudden I find myself having to essentially start over from scratch.

And. With graduation coming up soon and the end of my career as a full-time student in clearer sight than I’d like to face right now, I have to start looking for internships, for jobs in my field of study. Which means I have to start putting myself out there and presenting myself as a professional that knows exactly what I’m doing and what I want in life (this, by the way, will go down in history as the biggest lie I’ve ever lived). Looking over the way I had this site structured – or rather the lack of said structure – I decided it was time to scrap the two-blog life and try something new.

Also, trying to remember to keep up with one blog is hard enough for me right now. Let alone 2 blogs with completely different functions.

I really was never cut out for this blogging thing…

Anyway, so I did some searching, found some portfolio ideas. Now I’m creating a portfolio that I will add photo stories to from time to time and share with potential employers, and continue to run my personal blog that I have failed to touch since my interview with Caleb. Most of these stories will show up there, and the rest of the photos on here can be found on my “photo dump” site (a.k.a. my Flickr).

Wow. I’m reading through this post and wondering if I’m really ready to be a senior in college. Or in the adult world in general.

I’d say I promise I’m not always this spastic, but I really am. All of my past employers, and even my current boss (sometimes), seem to love me for it though. So I can’t be too much of a lost cause…

But I digress.

Maybe once school is out of the picture, I’ll have more time to spend trying to figure out this strange new world.

I promise I’m a better writer/person in general. When it’s not the end of the semester and I’m not running solely off coffee and Cheerios. Have faith in me, follow my blog, and be assured that the content in the posts to come will be far more worthy of your attention than the mind vomit you just powered through.

Blessings to all!

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